Chandler Backflow Testing & Certification Services

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Backflow Testing & Certification Services in Chandler, AZ

As a homeowner, you are always going to want your property to be in the best condition possible. One day to do this is to focus on preventive care and maintenance. Backflow is a very real and dangerous situation that you can face in your home. It can quickly contaminate your water supply and cause significant damage to your plumbing. By hiring our Chandler plumbing professionals, this will not have to be the case.

At ABC Plumbing and Rooter Co., Inc. we offer expert backflow testing and certification services to ensure that your home’s plumbing system is protected against backflow. See what some of our past customers have to say about our services here, and call us today to get your home inspected!

What exactly is backflow?

Backflow refers to a sewage system malfunction that causes sewage to spew backwards into the plumbing system. This means that the waste you flush away will make its way back into your home. It primarily occurs in areas with outdated plumbing systems, although newer systems are not entirely immune.

Backflow is a serious problem for residents, but it hits public businesses particularly hard. Naturally, backflow is something that every property owner must take steps to prevent. Our plumbers offer comprehensive testing and certification services for your prevention device to ensure that backflow never plagues your home.

How can this issue affect your home?

Even a small backflow incident can be disastrous. There are various negative effects it can have on your home that include:

  • Uninhabitable Conditions – The presence of raw sewage usually renders the home uninhabitable until it is cleaned up. When backflow strikes it can come from toilets, faucets, and various other fixtures. As a result, it would be impossible for you to be in your home.
  • Health Risks – Aside from the horrid smell, sewage contains numerous pathogens that can become airborne and infect the inhabitants of the home. This can pose serious health risks that can ultimately cause illness in anyone within the home.
  • Home Damage – Sewage liquid seeps into the crevices of hardwood and tile floors. This requires a costly floor replacement and cleanup job. Any carpet that comes in contact with sewage is ruined. Virtually any object that touches the sewage must be thrown away as well.

Backflow is clearly a very serious issue for any home. This is why our plumbing professionals provide expert solutions to prevent this type of damage from ever occurring.

Why is testing so important?

Backflow testing might seem like an unnecessary expense, but can play a major role in keeping your home safe. Our costs for a backflow inspection are nominal compared to the expense and inconvenience of dealing with an indoor sewage flood.

Furthermore, there is no point in having a backflow system installed if you’re not even sure that it works! The team here at ABC Plumbing and Rooter Co., Inc. is highly experienced with testing backflow systems; give us a call today and spare yourself the possibility of a disastrous sewage backflow.

What is the law regarding testing in Chandler?

Arizona law requires that facilities with backflow systems have them tested upon installation and also annually after this initial inspection. Property owners may be held liable if their sewage system overflows and contaminates the public water supply. Avoid this catastrophe by letting us handle your initial and annual backflow inspections!

Our plumbers are thorough and knowledgeable in the inspection of these devices. Additionally, we hold the correct Chandler backflow certification to guarantee that the services you receive are compliant with state regulations.

For all your backflow prevention, testing, and certification needs, trust our plumbing experts! Call us at (480) 726-1600 and get hire our Chandler backflow experts today!