Chandler Clogged Toilet Repair Services

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Clogged Toilet Repairs Services in Chandler, AZ

Dealing with a clogged toilet is incredibly frustrating and time consuming. It can not only be an unsightly issue, but it can also cause damage to your home and plumbing system. At ABC Plumbing and Rooter Co., Inc. we offer all our customers with the most effective Chandler clogged toilet repair services. No matter what the source of the clog may be, you can rest assured knowing that our plumbers will be able to take care of it for you in no time.

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What causes toilet clogs?

Toilet clogs are caused by many situations that can all have the same loss of functionality. Often, this situation occurs when too much toilet paper is put into the bowl. Other times it is caused by the presence of paper towels, tissues, and other various sanitary products that don’t belong in the toilet. Sometimes roots grow into a building’s pipes that connect to the sewer, or these pipes become blocked by rust, grime, and hair.

No matter what the cause may be for this issue, once it is present in your home, it is important to solve the issue quickly. Our experts provide you with effective clogged toilet repair services that can restore the flow to your toilet in no time.

How can you avoid this issue?

  • Never put tissues into the toilet – Take the extra time to dispose of tissues in the garbage can as excess tissues can quickly create a blockage in your toilet.
  • Don’t put paper towels into the toilet – Paper towels are difficult to break down so throw them in the garbage instead of into the toilet.
  • Speak with your kids about proper toilet etiquette – Make it clear to them that they can’t put anything into the toilet aside from toilet paper. In many instances toys and other miscellaneous items block toilets.
  • Don’t overfill the toilet bowl with toilet paper – While toilet paper is supposed to go down the toilet, in excess it can easily create a blockage in your toilet.

For more tips on how to avoid clogged toilets, be sure to contact our professionals. We will be able to provide you with the best Chandler toilet maintenance services to avoid this problem from ever occurring in your home.

When should you replace your toilet?

Leaks – When a toilet leaks through its bowl or tank, it might not be noticeable for a few days. Once the water seeps out, it has the potential to ruin the entire bathroom floor and can damage the living spaces in lower levels. It is often more cost effective to replace a toilet that leaks rather than continually paying for repairs.

High Utility Bills – Older toilets are very inefficient. When they are flushed over and over by a household full of people, it can result in a large utility bill. Toilets made prior to the 80’s can use around 7 gallons of water per flush. Instead of paying the exorbitant utility bills, opt for a new toilet.

Bathroom Remodel – When you remodel your bathroom, the old toilet might not fit the color or style scheme. This can be a great opportunity to upgrade and enjoy the benefits of a modern and more energy efficient toilet in your bathroom.

A damaged toilet is never a good thing for homeowners. At the first sign of these issues be sure to call us at (480) 726-1600 and schedule an appointment with our Chandler toilet repair specialists!