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Chandler Flex Piping Services Chandler, AZ

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The Advantages Of Flex Piping

As the name suggests, flex piping is a flexible alternative to rigid plumbing materials like copper. Flex piping, also commonly referred to as PEX tubing features several advantages over its rigid counterparts:

Fewer fittings required: Because it is manufactured using an extrusion process and stored on large spools, flex piping is available in greater lengths, which means fewer coupling fittings. And thanks to its flexible nature, PEX can turn 90 degree corners without the use of an elbow fitting.

No soldering required: Attaching flex tubing to fittings does not necessitate the use of lead based solder and acid fluxes. It also eliminated the need to use a torch in the installation process.

Resistant to corrosion and scale build-up: Flex piping is less prone to the accumulation of scale than copper and will not corrode when exposed to water that is high in acidity.

Better thermal properties: Flex piping conducts heat less than its copper counterpart, which means it is more energy efficient.

Quieter: Water runs through PEX piping more quietly than through other materials and the “water hammer” phenomenon or loud thud that sometimes occurs with copper pipe is virtually non-existent with flex pipes.

Resistant To freezing: Flex pipe can better withstand freezing and will not split of burst if sections become frozen.

Easy to incorporate into current plumbing system: PEX piping can easily be connected to your existing copper pipes and used virtually anywhere in your home, with the exception of connecting it directly to your water heater. A minimum 18” length of copper pipe should extend from your water heater before connecting it to the flex piping.

Less expensive: Flex piping offers cost savings for a few reasons. 1. It is a less expensive material than copper. 2. Requires less time in installation because it is easier to run and requires fewer fittings. 3. Thanks to the smaller number of fittings or connection points, which is often the weakest point in a plumbing system, there is less chance of leaks or need for future repairs.

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