Chandler Natural Gas Piping Services

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Natural Gas Piping Services Chandler, AZ

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Adding New Gas Appliances To Your Home

If your home is currently heated with natural gas and you’re interested in purchasing another gas powered appliance, like a gas stove, dryer or a natural gas barbecue, you’re going to need a qualified licensed professional to extend your gas line to service those appliances. The experts at ABC Plumbing And Rooter are just the team to install the gas line cost-effectively and following all applicable safety codes.

Switching your appliances for electric to gas can provide greater convenience and reduce your energy costs. However, hiring a professional to implement the transition is critical to complete the connection safely and to avoid the risk of future hazardous gas leaks.

Repairing A Natural Gas Leak

The most common sign of a natural gas leak within your home is the presence of a strong smell of sulfur. This odor is actually an additive put into natural gas, precisely for the purpose of detecting dangerous leaks.  Often, leaks can come from aging of damaged appliances.

If you suspect there is a gas leak within your home, do not take any chances with your safety of that of your family. Immediately leave your home and go to a safe distance. Do not use any electrical devices such as light switches, mobile phones or computers while in the home because they could cause a spark that could trigger a fire or an explosion. Leave the door open behind you as you leave as well as any windows that may have already been opened. Once at a safe distance, call the gas company. They will be able to turn off the gas entering into your home, allowing the accumulated gas to dissipate.

Once you have received the all clear, contact us right away so that the professionals at ABC Plumbing And Rooter can locate the source of the leak and repair it quickly and inexpensively.

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