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Every time you hear water dripping, odd noises, or feel the water is not flowing properly in your home, you need to think about what is causing the problem. At ABC Plumbing and Rooter Co., Inc. we are here to help you with all your Paradise Valley plumbing needs. From plumbing emergencies, to toilet repairs, our plumbing professionals can provide you with exceptional solutions in no time.

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What are some signs that your water heater is damaged?

A damaged water heater is a terrible thing to have in your home. Your water heater can malfunction for a number of reasons, but you must keep your eyes and ears open for the most common problems. These common problems include:

  • Rust – This can cut through your water heater, or it can form in patches on the outside of the tank. When the rust is within the tank you will notice discoloration in your water.
  • Fluctuating Temperature – You may notice that the hot water in the house is not very warm. As the unit ages it can begin functioning less reliably, leading to loss of temperature control.
  • Water Pressure – You may notice that the water pressure in the house suffers when you have the hot water on. This can be as a result of a faulty water heater.

If you encounter any of these problems, you should contact a plumber for assistance. We will be able to inspect your unit and determine the source of the issue and provide you with effective Paradise Valley water heater services in no time.

Why are your drains clogging?

Clogged drains in the home are caused by dirt and debris that falls into the drains. However, clogs are not always formed by dirt and debris. You must be aware of hair that gets into your shower and sink drains. Also, you need to make sure that you are careful of things that fall into your drains.

You could have spoons or bottle caps fall into your kitchen drain, and you might have items fall into your open bathroom drains. Finally, your drains will suffer from sludge buildups in your drain. The sludge is a combination of dirt and water that is slowly eating away at the gaskets in your drains.

All of these issues can quickly limit the flow of water in your plumbing, leaving you to suffer from clogged drains. Before throwing harmful chemicals down the drain, contact our plumbing professionals. We will provide you with efficient Paradise Valley drain cleaning services for your home today.

How can you identify slab leaks?

If you live in a home that has a slab foundation, you should be aware of the symptoms of a slab leak. Slab leaks can quickly damage your home and result in some serious restoration costs. These common signs include:

  • Warm spots on your floor
  • Higher than usual water bills
  • The sound of running water
  • Moisture on flooring, baseboards, and roofing
  • Pooling outside of your home
  • Cracks in flooring and walls

By getting professional help at the first sign of these issues, you can quickly prevent you home from sustaining serious damage.

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