Chandler Propane Piping Services

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Propane Piping Services Chandler, AZ

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Uses Of Propane Gas In Your Home

Propane gas can be used for so much more than merely heating your home. It can also power stoves, refrigerators, dryers and indoor fireplaces. You can also connect your gas grill directly to your home’s propane gas supply, so you’ll never have to go refill your BBQ tank halfway through preparing a meal again.

Some people don’t immediately think of their plumbers as the professional they need to install the propane gas lines needed to feed these appliance within their homes, but we are precisely the right experts to trust with such a task. When you contact ABC Plumbing And Rooter to extend your propane gas piping, you will be sure that is will be done safely, expertly and following all required building and safety codes.

Before you know it, you will be enjoying the ease and convenience of your new propane powered appliances.

Repairing Your Propane Gas Lines

If you detect the smell of rotten eggs within your home, you may be experience a propane gas leak. If a line has been punctured, you may also hear a hissing sound. Damaged underground gas lines may cause the surrounding vegetation to die or decay. When your propane gas lines are in need of repair, you need to take immediate action and get the help of a professional to address the problem.

When they think of propane gas leaks, most people think of fires and explosions, and with good reason. Propane gas is quite volatile and can cause some serious damage. If you suspect a leak in your home and can smell the presence of gas, evacuate your home immediately and do not use any electric devices. Leave the door open behind you as you leave, and, once at a safe distance, call 911. Emergency crews will be able to shut off the propane supply to the home.

After you have been given the all clear for the fire department, call us right away. Our teams of experts will be able to locate the source of the leak in order to repair or replace the damaged section of piping.

For all your propane gas piping installation and repair needs in Chandler, place your trust in the experience and knowledge of the experts at ABC Plumbing And Rooter. Call us today at (480) 726-1600 to book an appointment.