Plumbing Savings Program

  • Our PSP program saves you up to 20% on all services!
  • Refund of your first year membership fee if you don’t save money!
  • Initial purchase plus two renewals and you are enrolled for LIFE!
  • Receive priority service!
  • Free home inspection!
  • Transferable membership!
  • Continual guaranteed savings, up to 20% on every repair !

(*Please read full document for details.)


  • Q: What do fire and water have in common?

    A: Either one can take lives; destroy your home; and ruin treasures of a lifetime.

    The law has required smoke detectors for years in all new construction for your added safety, lessening the chance of lives lost due to undetected fires. Typically, when the batteries are changed as required, these systems are considered good early warning systems. In commercial properties, sprinkler systems are an added requirement. In conjunction, they work in a simple manner; detect the fire, activate the alarm and extinguish or contain the fire.

    Considering water damage is comparably destructive, why do homeowners leave their plumbing to chance? Why not take low cost, money saving, damage-eliminating steps? Would you wait to install a smoke detector after the fire?

    Now there is a way to have greater protection from the chance of water damage to your home; damage that can leave you decimated emotionally, financially and stripped of family heirlooms.

  • Q: What do fire and water have in common?

    A: With the help of a PSP membership — it’s unique and very affordable.

    ABC Plumbing and Rooter Co., Inc. is a full-service plumbing company that recognizes the PSP program. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. WHEN YOU CALL US, YOU WILL ALWAYS SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON, not a recording. The only exception would be in a rare instance that all of our telephone lines are engaged. If this is ever the case, you will be able to leave a message and your call will be returned within minutes—yes, minutes. Everyone receives our excellence-in-quality-and-workmanship service, but PSP members receive an additional group of exceptional and impressive benefits.

  • Q: What benefits do families have in PSP membership?

    A: The benefits are numerous. Here are some of the highlights:

    • Initial Health/Safety Evaluation: Your entire plumbing system is checked and recommendations made regarding any detected potential problems. This thorough evaluation relieves you of mind-playing thoughts and games of “what if.” This inspection is repeated annually as long as the membership is active. This inspection is valued at $350.00—but it is FREE to our members. With this inspection, we also offer certain services valued at $250.00 — FREE! A SAVINGS OF (OR OVER) $600.00 EVERY YEAR. And there are more benefits, read on.
    • Priority Service: Our members go to the head of our daily service list. As an example: If we had 12 calls scheduled for the day, and seven of them were PSP members, those seven would be scheduled first. We always keep the member’s convenience in mind when scheduling. And as an added plus, a PSP member gets a GENEROUS DISCOUNT on any service charge. Of course, our highly trained emergency crews always handle emergencies involving health issues and/or serious damage immediately.
    • *Save up to 20% on ANY Repair: Yes, you will SAVE even on the smallest repair jobs. On the big jobs you need price breaks and PSP gives you the added benefit of even GREATER SAVINGS. As your home ages, the problems get more severe and your lifetime savings could be in the thousands. Whatever the case, why pay more than is absolutely necessary? (Jobs done at the time of new membership receive a 15% discount, with a maximum $250.00 off.)
      Transferable Membership: If a member moves, they may transfer the membership to the new address, providing it is in our area of service. If you choose, you may
    • offer your membership as a purchase incentive in the sale of your home. A potential buyer’s peace of mind concerning plumbing would definitely give you an edge over other neighborhood listings.
  • Q: Okay, hit me with the bad news. How much?

    A: Believe it or not, your initial (first year) membership is only $119.

    • That is approximately a QUARTER and a NICKEL per day. Now, that is affordable!
    • And don’t forget, your first year membership is refundable if you don’t save! (See previous Q/A.)
  • Q: How long will I have to pay membership fees?

    A: After your initial membership fee and two renewals, your membership is paid for LIFE. No more membership fees, ever.

    • That’s right, you won’t pay any more membership fees! We are in the plumbing business, not in the business of selling memberships.
    • You will benefit from a lifetime of annual inspections and savings all for the cost of your initial membership and two renewals.
    • Your first year savings more than pays for your lifetime membership fees.
  • Q: Sounds too good. What’s the catch?

    A: There are no catches, and here are the percentage clarifications:

    • All jobs $750 or under: 15% discount (excluding service charge, taxes or admin fee).
    • Jobs $750.01 or above: 20% discount (excluding service charge, taxes or admin fee).
    • Note: Jobs done at time of new membership receive 15% discount, with a maximum of $250 off.
    • Note: Maximum dollar amount discounted for existing members is $500 per job.
  • Quality Workmanship by Exceptional Craftsmen:

    • For your safety and peace of mind, every employee has been subjected to a rigorous hiring process that includes a thorough background check. Drug testing is a part of that process and all employees are subject to random drug and alcohol tests throughout their employment. We pride ourselves in our employees’ courteous, honest and reliable manners.
    • Our technicians are thoroughly trained and this training continues throughout their employment. We use only state-of-the-art plumbing equipment, supplies and tools.
    • The foundation of our growth is based on the principles of integrity, business ethics and high morals. We not only can recite the “GOLDEN RULE”, WE LIVE IT! And, of course, we are bonded, licensed and insured. ROC #153202 and ROC#213278. We provide both residential & commercial services.
    • To make this program easy for you to obtain, we accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
    • We are members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, and the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce.

Do you want guaranteed savings up to 20% on your home needs? Call us at (480) 726-1600 to schedule an appointment today, and join our PSP program today!