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Showers & Tubs Services in Chandler, AZ

The showers and tubs in your home are not only a convenience, but they are a necessity. Over time however these fixtures can breakdown or simply become outdated. When this is the case, hiring our professional plumbers will always be your best choice. At ABC Plumbing and Rooter Co., Inc. we offer shower and tub repairs, replacement, and design solutions.

Through the use of our expert plumbing solutions we can make the most of your shower and tub situation. Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our past customers are saying here, and call us today!

What are some signs that can signify damage in these fixtures?

While our experts can easily identify whether or not you have a shower or tub issue, there are still some signs that you can look for to quickly assess any type of issue. They include:

  • Cracks – When trying to identify whether or not there is damage in your shower or tub, a crack will be the clearest indicators of damage. Whether the crack is small or large, a professional should inspect it to avoid further damage.
  • Drainage Issues – Water drainage issues, especially when it comes to the tub, can be a clear indication of a problem. If you can hear water draining even when the drain has been stopped, there is a significant possibility that the tub is damaged and leaking.
  • Mold – Mold growing on the tile around the tub or shower is another common symptom of a damaged tub or shower. This can be occurring because of an undetected water leak.
  • Water Leak – Water leaking from the point at which the showerhead or faucets enter the wall or tub, is a significant sign of possible tub or pipe damage.
  • Peeling Paint – This is definitely a sign of water damage. It generally occurs as a result of excess moisture stemming from some type of damage to the piping.

When these issues are present in the home, it is important to get professional services. Our experts can provide you with professional Chandler shower and tub repair services that will keep your home safe and efficient at all times.

How can a damaged shower or tub affect your home?

One plumbing issue that can become a major problem if not dealt with expeditiously is a damaged shower or tub. As a result of the fact that the tubs and showers can hide plumbing problems from clear view, it can delay the detection of problems with can create serious damage risks.

In the event of a leak, water can leak into the areas around your shower or tub, resulting in the growth of dangerous molds. When rust is an issue, it can damage tracks, shower doors, and sealing caulk. Aside from these issues, there are countless others that can cause some serious damage to your home.

As a result, it is always suggested that homeowners should contact our professional plumbers at the first sign of damage. The faster we solve the issue, the less time the issues have to affect your home.

What are the benefits of replacing these fixtures?

Actually, there are a number of benefits associated with replacing these items. Installing a new tub or shower will increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. Additionally, it will increase the overall value of the home. Most importantly, replacing worn and damaged items will decrease the risk of a major plumbing emergency that could be extremely costly for you. Whether you want to replace your shower or tub because it ‘s damaged, or you’re looking to upgrade, we can help.

Our plumbers will assist you with choosing the best fixture for your home. Once we find one that is within your budget, and needs, we will provide you with expert installation solutions. By working with our plumbers, you can rest easy knowing that your shower or tub will last many years to come!

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