Chandler Slab Leak Repair Services

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Slab Leak Repairs Services in Chandler, AZ

A water leak can be one of the most damaging issues that a homeowner will face in the home. One that is beneath the home, and virtually undetectable, is even worse. Slab leaks are a common occurrence that can create a serious issue in any home. At ABC Plumbing and Rooter Co., Inc. we provide the very best Chandler slab leak detection and repair solutions for all our customers in and around the area.

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What is a slab leak & what causes them?

A slab leak occurs when there is a leak underneath your property. Because the plumbing system usually runs underneath your foundation, these leaks can easily go undetected for long periods of time. That is why they are so dangerous, and can result in significant damage to your home. They can be caused by a myriad of issues include:

  • Shifting Soil
  • Scale Buildup
  • Invasive Roots
  • Burst Pipes
  • Excess Pressure
  • Poor Construction
  • Aged Piping

While the causes for a slab leak can vary, the only consistent is that you will need professional solutions to remedy this issue. Through the use of our expert Chandler slab leak services, you can rest easy knowing that these issues will be solved quickly and professionally.

How can you tell this issue is occurring in your home?

If you have a slab leak, more often than not, you will find it hard to detect. With that being said, there are still some signs that you can look for to help you determine whether or not there is a problem. The most easily identifiable symptoms include:

  • Higher than usual water bills
  • The sound of running water
  • Water built up around the foundation
  • Moisture underneath your carpet or rugs
  • Hot spots on your flooring

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may want to have slab leak detection services done to your home. We offer the best services possible to meet your specific slab leak needs. We can provide you with fast and efficient services that will help you get back to your normal routine in no time.

How do our professionals solve the problem?

The first step to solving this issue is to detect where the leak is coming from. Our professionals have the right type of equipment and can easily find out where your water problem is coming from. They can determine the best way to resolve your slab leak repair needs in just a short amount of time.

There are a few different choices that come with slab leak repairs depending on the type of leak you have. Spot repairs are a good choice in many cases. Professionals will break into the slab at the leaking point, and they will be able to repair the pipe with ease without having to tear up your entire concrete slab. You can also choose to have all of your piping redone if you have an older plumbing system.

No matter which solution you choose, you can rest assured knowing that our Chandler plumbing professionals will solve these issues for you effectively and professionally. We get the job done right the first time, so you will never have to worry about water damage to your home from the same issue.

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