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Over the course of owning a home or building, plumbing problems are bound to happen. This can be a very serious situation that can cause many homeowners stress. Before panicking, call our expert Tempe plumbing professionals. We offer expert solutions to all your plumbing issues, big or small. With over four decades of service to the Tempe area, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the most qualified services around.

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How can you tell that your water heater is damaged?

As with any appliance, water heaters come with their own set of potential problems. These can sometimes be expensive to fix and even more expensive to replace. One way to combat expensive repairs is to find them before they turn into major issues. Common signs to look for include:

  • Strange noise
  • Temperature inconsistency
  • Water leaks
  • Old age

Most of these can be fixed with a repair, but some are only solved with a replacement. In any case, our expert plumbers can provide you with efficient Tempe water heater services to quickly get your home back up and running in no time.

What causes clogged drains?

An unfortunately common plumbing problem within the home is clogged drains. Drains can become clogged in a number of ways. The most prevalent causes that we see include food, grease, hair, foreign objects, and tree roots.

Food and grease should be broken up in the garbage disposal before being washed down the drain. Hair should be cleaned out of the shower regularly or prevented from occurring with a stopper. Foreign objects often come from kids playing with their toys a little too close to the drain or from utensils being stored within falling distance of the drain.

Tree roots also tend to break into the sewer line seeking moisture. All of these can be resolved with professional Tempe drain cleaning. Our experts are available when you need us most to ensure that your drainage issues are solved quickly and professionally.

Are your sewer lines damaged?

While sewer lines are used on a daily basis to get rid of waste, they can fall susceptible to plumbing issues.  If left unchecked, a broken sewer line can cause sewage to back up in the yard and even inside the house. Watch for signs that your sewer line is damaged:

  • Changing water levels in the toilet
  • Water backing up out of drains
  • Sewer odor inside the home
  • Water damage around the foundation of the home
  • Increase in pest populations

These problems are usually repaired through traditional excavation methods in which the sewer line is dug up. Similarly, our experts can provide you with trenchless sewer repair in which only a few access holes are dug. No matter which solution you choose, our plumbing professionals can help you in no time.

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